stephen daly
Stephen Daly
Mind Matters, working Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Coach
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Brenton Hamilton
Fitness, Nutrition, Body Matters, Health
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Nadia Conway
Spiritual Matters, Yoga, Health, Wellness


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Stephen Daly


HYPNOTHERAPY is often viewed with suspicion, and many associate it with elaborately dressed men waving a pendulum of some kind and taking control over their minds, nothing could be further from the truth. Hypnotherapists use hypnotism to help clients deal with trauma, break addictions or achieve other positive changes in their lives and allow them to live their lives to the fullest without being held back by events that have had a hold on them over a past period. Hypnosis is not any form of brainwashing or mind control, unlike the authoritarian hypnosis done years ago, modern, hypnosis is permissive and respectful of clients: some information to assist you deciding is hypnosis is for you While in trance, you will know exactly where you are and what is happening. You can and will converse while in trance. People experience trance in several different ways. Some people are capable of a deeper trance than others


Brenton Hamilton


My name is Brenton Hamilton, I am a Personal Trainer who is highly motivated to help people combat physical and wellbeing goals. I have taken my own fitness journey to overcome battles with weight management and healthy eating which has given me the formula and motivation to help others do the same. I believe in treating health holistically, through exercise, nutrition and mindset. Through a combination of Interval training, body-weight movements, nutritional advice and building positive daily habits. I can help you boost your metabolism so that calories are burning during and for hours after your workouts making you feel great. With your motivation for change and my guidance, we will be a powerhouse of positivity!

Nadia Conway


Deeply Spiritual and an advocate for the transformative nature of Yoga, Nadia's compassionate and well structured style of teaching welcomes all. Through breath-work, meditation and Asana students come to a place of calm that they learn to connect with both on and off the mat. "As a Yoga Teacher, I work steadily with my clients to build strength, confidence and flexibility from day one. People come to Yoga for different reasons and with different capabilities. By committing to a regular practice these differences disappear and the practitioner sees similarities between themselves and others leading to a strong connection to all beings." Yoga reveals itself to you as you practice regularly, tasty morsel by tasty morsel. Bad habits become easier to leave behind you. Good habits become a happy and wilful choice. There is a candle within all of us that Yoga can set alight, a seed for positive change that needs to be scattered throughout a broken world so that it may heal. NAMASTE


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