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Stephen Daly
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Brenton Hamilton
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Nadia Conway
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The 12 week Mind Body challenge:

This 12 week Transformation challenge is designed to get you happier, healthier and stronger in 12 weeks!
We are covering all bases through Yoga, Hypnosis, Personal training and Nutrition!

This exciting new package is the first of its kind to treat getting healthier holistically.

You will get:

  • Weekly group home workouts. Yoga instruction and Personal training.
  • Weekly nutritional guidance and support.
  • Group accountability and motivation.
  • Mindset exercises/ classes to set you up to achieve.


Only thing that holds you back, is you

Let's go

Connecting the Mind and Body

Stephen - will be Explaining hypnosis and other techniques that we will be using in the following weeks and a hypnosis session.
Brenton - Posture activation and strengthening. We are going to wake up some muscles that have been asleep a while. Correcting the posture to move forward.


Spiritual nourishment

Asana yoga by Nadia, Nadia will be explaining yoga and its benefits and you will have your first yoga session

Brenton - will go through Nutrition to make sure your feeding your body correctly.


Motivation week

Hypnosis by Stephen taking you to your control room so we can turn off the bad and turn up the good and get that motivation kick started.

Brenton - will go through your PT session to include: Arms, shoulders and core. Grab what you can, cans of beans, pints of milk we are gonna put that body to work.

Open Time

Out in the open

Nadia - will be taking you through your yoga session.

Brenton - will be taking a look at your nutrition making sure you are sticking to your promise.


Time To Kick Ass

Brenton - will be testing you this week it will be fun but hardened to include Legs and core blast. Lunges, squats and thrusts.

Stephen - will use hypnosis to help heal the body.

Look Back

Reflection Week

Nadia - will take you through your yoga session plus a guided meditation to help you reflect and see a clearer journey.

Brenton - will be asking you difficult questions if you have not stayed on the nutrition plan


Creatures of Habit

Brenton - will talk you through your PT Session to include : Metabolism boost session. By working all the large muscle groups in your body we are going to raise your metabolism through squats pushes and pulls.

Stephen - will blast out sugar cravings using Hypnosis and Kinetic Shift.

Up a Level

Going Deeper

Brenton - will guide you through your Nutrition needs.

Nadia - will be pushing your limits in yoga.

Do it

Heart Racing

Brenton - has his eye on the prize for all of you so will be asking for you to go that extra yard to include : cardio. is going to work up your cardiovascular to open up your lungs and drip away the body fat.

Stephen - will use hypnosis to help repair muscles and give the mind focus.


Body Investment

Brenton - will check your nutrition and ask you to notice the differences from week 1 to now.

Nadia - will have you bendier than ever by week 10 and more in touch spiritually.


Let's do this

Brenton - will be testing you this week and you will see how you have changed from week 1 to include : High intensity interval training.

This is a tough session of high intervals periods and rests in-between.


Foundation for success.

Brenton Stephen and Nadia will do a session each then we will request feedback and the final weigh in… Reaffirming what got you here and what it takes to keep you consistent.