mind body soul
You are a product of your thoughts
Thoughts a product of your desires
Desires are products of your soul
nothing is more satisfying than overcoming a belief that you cannot Challenge yourself
well being challenges
The Balance of Mind-Body-Soul is an all round wellness, learn how to balance you

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teaming up with these guys is going to be awesome

Stephen is an awesome therapist and teaming up with these guys is going to be awesome!

Jacquelyn Hayley

Thank you for all your fantastic support

What an amazing experience! 12 weeks of hypnotherapy, yoga and HIT delivered by a team of experienced professionals who made the programme fun, interesting, supportive and informative.
There was nutritional advice and guidance which was really helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed the HIT exercises with Brenton and have been doing them regularly (and will continue to do them)- and I didn’t even like exercise, as in the past it has aggravated my knee. However, I didn’t have any problems as there were lots of modifications and I could still benefit from it. I now know that exercise will just be a part of my routine.
The yoga was really beneficial esp. as Nadia was kind enough to provide me with specific yoga poses to help me. Again, I think these poses are just becoming a part of what I do regularly.
A special thanks to Stephen for putting together this programme and for using his fab skills as a therapist to support us all. He has some really cool tips to share which I am using all the time to create a mindset that works for me.
It was great to be a part of a group where everyone cheered each other on and also supported each other through any bumps.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to join this programme and I would highly recommend it to others. The 12 weeks flew by and I know I’ve created some really good habits.

Tania Lopez


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