1. To Ensure a comfortable atmosphere for everyone in the group, please be respectful of other members and coaches.
  2.  Proper gym attire must be worn for all PT sessions and loose fitting clothing for yoga,
  3. we cannot guarantee that every session will be live some weeks maybe prerecorded
  4. Once you have signed up to the challenge this is your commitment to 12 weeks and no refunds will be offered if you drop out or have to come out through injury.
  5. You are agreeing to be recorded and we at Mind Body Challenge can use the footage for marketing purposes.
  6. You agree that you will not share any of our material unless permission has been given by us at Mind Body Challenge
  7. Once you agree to participate to our challenge, payment must be in full via PayPal and payed immediately
  8. We accept no liability for injuries and you agree to only do what is comfortable for you.
  9. Nutrition advice is not taking in to account any allergies.
  10. Not to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol whilst participating in the classes.
  11. By signing up to this challenge you are agreeing that you are able to participate in High Intensity exercise with none of the following medical issues ( Pregnant, Bi Polar, Epilepsy, heart conditions, any recent surgery, or have been advised by a doctor to not take part.)
  12. Failure to disclose this information may lead to the cancellation of the 12 weeks and no refund, and we will not be liable